Episode CXXXVII Remastered

Posted in DefaultTag by dougturnbull on February 17th, 2018


In this episode, first published 01-13-2018, the audio was extremely poor. I have re-worked the recording and believe it to be much improved, except for the first five minutes of the interview, which was conducted via Skype. After 8 minutes, the remainder was by cell phone, and while not perfect, it is much clearer than the previously published version, introduced below.

Tonight, in a Special Edition of Mars Pirate Radio, Episode 137 will feature the first segment of my interview with SF author, playwright, screenwriter, and film producer, J. Neil Schulman. In 1973 as a 20 year-old reporter for the New York Daily News, he interviewed science fiction author Robert A. Heinlein (Stanger in a Strange Land and many other works). We discuss his interview with excerpts, at length, in a wide ranging conversation via cell-phone and Skype. There are some spots where due to the connection, the sound quality is less than perfect, so please bear with us on that. Below is a link to Mr. Schulman's recording of the original Heinlein interview.



Music was composed by Bernard Herrmann for Fahrenheit 451, Copyright 1966 by Universal Pictures

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