Episode CXXXII

Tonight, MPR will feature an interview with Dr. Ramses Ramirez, a research associate at the Carl Sagan Institute of Cornell University. In a wide ranging and fascinating interview, Dr. Ramirez, a planetary scientist and astrobiologist, discussed habitable zones (where Earth resides) around stars, including our sun; the possibility of discovering life on Mars, either present or past; as well as life on exo-solar planets (planets orbiting other stars).
In addition we will continue reading Mary Shelly’s groundbreaking science fiction novel,Frankenstein; or, The Modern Prometheus.
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-Note: MPR neither endorses nor disputes the opinions and viewpoints expressed by any of our guests.
Below are links to a Wikipedia article about Mary Shelly, my University of Hawaii Institute for Astronomy virtual presentation, and my presentation to the 2015 Mars Society Convention.
Below are links for Dr. Ramses Ramirez.
Music was composed by Bernard Herrmann for Fahrenheit 451, copyright 1966 by Universal Pictures; and by Bernhard Kaun for Frankenstein, copyright 1931 by Universal Pictures.
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