Episode LXXXVI

Tonight, Episode LXXXVI of Mars Pirate Radio will interview a former guest and expert in Aquaponics, Mihail Mateev, feature the rest of our biographical sketch of science fiction writer H.G Wells, and Chapter II of his masterpiece, The War of the Worlds. To listen to the episode, scroll down to the bottom of the entry and click on “Listen Now.”
Below are links to a Biography.com article about H.G. Wells, a link to a transcript of the interview, my review of Point Of No Return, my University of Hawaii Institute for Astronomy virtual presentation, and my most recent article on space.com.
Below is the contact information for Mihail Mateev.

Mihail Mateev’s interview was conducted on December 30, 2014 via Skype. Music was composed by Bernard Herrmann for Fahrenheit 451, copyright 1966 by Universal Pictures; and by Russell Garcia for The Time Machine, copyright 1960 by MGM.
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