Episode LXXV

Tonight, Episode LXXV of Mars Pirate Radio will feature the second half of our interview with George D. Morgan, author of Rocket Girl: The Story of Mary Sherman Morgan, America’s First Female Rocket Scientist; a brief space science update, a short biography of aerospace pioneer Theodore von Karman, and the next installment of my new novel Zachary Dixon. To listen to the episode, scroll down to the bottom of the entry and click on “Listen Now.”
Below are links to this week’s space science article and space pioneer biography, my review of Point Of No Return, my University of Hawaii Institute for Astronomy virtual presentation, and my most recent article on space.com.
Below is the contact information for George D. Morgan.
George D. Morgan’s interview was conducted on September 22nd. Music was composed by Bernard Herrmann for Fahrenheit 451, copyright 1966 by Universal Pictures, andBeneath The 12 Mile Reef, copyright 1953 by Twentieth Century Fox; also by Bill Conti for The Right Stuff, copyright 1983 by The Ladd Company.
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